New Laws for 2019

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Temp Tags-AB 516   Beginning January 1, 2019 dealers will no longer deliver a vehicle which does not have permanent metal plates without first printing a Temporary Tag.  The 'Tag' is a full size waterproof paper plate with a number unique to the sales transaction.  Reports of Sale will be done online also.  The California DMV has contracted with Fairfax Imaging to enroll all CA dealers, retail and wholesale.

Enroll by sending an email to with the following information:
1) Dealership Name
2)  Owner Name
3)  Owner Email Address
4)  Best phone number for owner

Failure to enroll will result in a dealer's inability to sell cars on January 1, 2019.  Do it today! 

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 Salesperson Education AB 2026   Breaking News!  This bill moved through the Assembly and Senate with zero noe votes and no opposition but was vetoed by Governor Brown on September 26, 2018.   

Starting in early 2019, all licensed salespeople employed by independent auto dealers will be required to complete an education program every three years.  Dealers will be responsible to maintain current certificates on file so that their sales staff may perform duties.  IADAC has a premier video based program with actual sales training available for sales staff.  Your sales staff can create huge problems as a result of their lack of knowledge of laws pertaining to auto sales transactions.  Reduce your liability by training your sales staff through IADAC.  Sign up HERE to be advised when this program becomes operative.