February 15, 2018   IADAC welcomes all dealers to a New Dealer Seminar at Adesa San Jose Auto Auction.  This free event will provide an overview of compliant processes for dealers in the areas of vehicle purchase, reconditioning, advertising, paperwork completion and much more.  What documents much be completed?  How do I minimize my liability?  As a new dealer you MUST KNOW how to properly complete a sale and avoid after sale problems.  The seminar will be about 90 minutes and will be held directly after the live auction. 

RSVP Larry@iadac.org or call 916-893-3306 for more information. 


April 24 and 25, 2018   IADAC's 2018 So Cal Event will feature vendor trade shows at Manheim Riverside on Tuesday, April 24 and then at Manheim California on Wednesday April 25.  These trade shows will be set up informally in the auction lanes during the live auctions.  Space is limited and fills up quickly.  Mark your calendar and make sure you are receiving IADAC's free e-newsletter for information announcing open registration. 

For more info please email Larry@iadac.org.




October 19, 2018 
IADAC's annual fall event will be in Sacramento at the Embassy Suites downtown near the Tower Bridge.  This one day event will feature a presentation "Profitability In Back End Sales" by DealerTrack.  Also, a session to prep dealers for the newly mandated Temp Tag bill and electronic report of sale will be available.  Temp Tags begin on January 1, 2019.  Dinner will be followed by a charity auction to raise fund for the Vic and Ethyl Snyder Scholarship benefiting children of IADAC dealer members.  Last year $25,000 was awarded to recipients.  Registration forms will be available soon. 

Vendors Note:   Although this year we will not have a vendor Expo at the hotel, we will set up vendor trade shows on October 16 and 17 at major auctions.  Watch for registration information to be made available on our e-newsletter.  Not signed up?  Go to www.iadac.org, click the link "Sign Up Free Newsletter".