The April 22 Event Below Has Been Cancelled

April 22, 2020    IADAC's Annual So Cal Vendor Trade show will a single day event at Manheim California.  There are a limited number of spaces available so you must register early to ensure a spot.  This auction sets up very well for this trade show and has been a great way to meet hundreds of dealers in one place.  Registration forms will be available in January 2020 so watch for the notification to be made on IADAC's e-newsletter.  If you are not currently receiving the newsletter you can sign up to receive it at no cost.  Go to, click the link above the Lobel ad on the right border and enter your email address in the form.  Call the IADAC office with any questions, 916-893-3306 or email

The October 5, 2020 Event Below Has Been Cancelled

IADAC Encourages all California dealers and interested parties to sign up for the NIADA Annual Convention September 21-24, 2020 at the Wynn in Las Vegas.  Special pricing for CA attendees using discount code Cali2020!  Go to to sign up now!

October 5, 2020   IADAC's annual convention will be in Sacramento at the Courtyard Cal Expo at 1782 Tribute Rd.  Monday October 5 will feature guest speakers with Expo for vendors to display their newest and best products.  Optionally for vendors, October 6 and 7 will be vendor trade shows at Adesa Golden Gate and Manheim San Francisco Bay.  Registration information will be announced via our e-newsletter.  Sign up to receive this by going to the home page at, click the link above the Lobel ad on the right border and enter your email address.  For more information please contact