Temp Tags
Beginning January 1, 2019 dealers will be required to comple Reports of Sale online.  If the vehicle does not have permanent metal plates, temporary plates will be printed and affixed to the vehicle before the customer takes delivery.  These Temp Tags will be printed on a waterproof paper using a common laser printer.  The doc fee will increase by $5 for all vehicles.  Fairfax Imaging, contracted by the DMV will begin reaching out to all dealers in October to assign login access and provide training for the new system.

All CA dealers, retail and wholesale must enroll in the new program.  Do this by sending an email immediately to CADMV-QuickTags@ffximg.com with the following information:
1)  Dealership Name
2)  Owner Name
3)  Owner email address
4) Best phone number for owner

Optionally, dealers may enroll now to attend free seminars provided by Vitu.  Go to www.CATempTag.com for FAQ's and seminar information.  Vitu is one of the companies who provide electronic titling access, eliminating many problems dealers currently experience with transfer of title at DMV.  This could be a huge benefit in that errors in fee calculation will be nearly eliminated along with problems working with DMV for transfers.  

Mandatory Salesperson Education
-Breaking News-
On September 26, 2018 AB 2026 was vetoed by Governor Brown.  There will be no requirement for salesperson education.
AB 2026 is moving through the California Legislature and will likely pass this year.  If so, implementation will start in 2019.  All licensed salespeople employed by independent (non-franchised) auto dealers will be required to complete an educational program based on the existing curriculum for dealer continuing education.  Certificates will be good for three years.  This bill benefits consumers and dealers alike by providing sales staff with an understanding of basic laws relative to auto sales which currently does not exist.  IADAC has developed a premier program for salespeople which will help add to monthly sales volume.  CLICK HERE to be placed on a list for notification when DMV is ready to implement the program.