Legislative Update:  July 21, 2014, This proposed Ballot Initiative did not obtain the required signatures to be considered for the upcoming ballot.  Status, dead.  

AB 2197-Temp Tags-A bill to require dealers to print and install full size paper/plastic temporary license plates on all cars sold did not advance out of committee.  The bill left it up to DMV to identify and implement a means of fulfilling the demands of the bill.  Lobbying by IADAC's Bill Dohring was key to the demise of this bill.     

SB686-Recall Bill-This bill would have required dealers to address safety recalls on all vehicles prior to sale, even without a suitable mechanism in place for dealers to prove they had complied.  NHTSA has stated that the single vin searchable database should be ready August 2014.  Lobbying by IADAC, the CNCDA, Carmax and others was enough to convince legislators that this bill was asking for more than was realistic, particularly without the national database for identifying safety recalls.

Safety Recall UPDATE!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently unveiled the VIN-searchable database which identifies unaddressed safety recalls for specific vehicles.  This will aid dealers in obtaining information on vehicles in inventory or prospective purchases.  To access that database, go to www.safercar.gov .  IADAC encourages dealers to begin using this database immediately and address recalls prior to sale.  Legislation will likely pass in 2015 which will mandate that dealers address safety recalls prior to offering vehicles for sale.