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V.I.P. Auction Card Program

In 2006, the Independent Automobile Dealers Association of California (IADAC) established its V.I.P. Auction Card Program. We've received very positive feedback from the participating auctions and our members alike, as it is considered one of the best benefits of membership. 

Under our V.I.P. Auction Card Program, all new and renewing IADAC members receive one card for northern California auctions and one card for southern California auctions. The V.I.P. Auction Card Program entitles our members to one complimentary buy or sell fee at each of the participating auctions listed on the back of the cards (Note: See the participating auction for restrictions and rules which may apply to this promotion). 

Once the fee is given, the auction representative punches a hole over, or uses a permanent marker to obliterate, the auction's name, thus preventing the member from using the card again at the same auction.

Again, IADAC members get new cards every year their dues are renewed!

How the V.I.P. Auction Card Program Works

1) Join IADAC ($399 annual dues).

2) Receive the V.I.P. Auction Card within 7 business days.

3) Go to any of the participating auctions.

4) Buy or sell at the auction and save.

5) Present your V.I.P. Auction Card at the transaction counter to waive or reduce your buy/sell fee. Most auctions honor the card for up to$200 (Each auction varies. Be sure to check the auction's policy regarding the V.I.P. Auction Card.)

6) Repeat this process at each auction you attend throughout the year.

If you buy or sell at just five auctions, you can save up to $1,000 per year!

No one else can do this for you.

Want to join? Need more details? Contact us:

(916) 893-3306 or email John at: John@iadac.org