Vendor Directory

This section contains contact information for IADAC Associate Members, who provide goods and services to the used car industry. Many offer discounts EXCLUSIVELY to IADAC members. IADAC encourages you to do business with these companies who support your association and the industry.

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Accounting Services______________________________________

Kho & Patel, CPA's   Roger Rossmeisl, CPA   714-325-0442   


Podium   Thomas Clawson   1-833-276-3486        

Auto Auctions____________________________________________

ABS Auto Auctions Tom Harmon (800) 378-0227

Adesa Sacramento  Laura Seek 916-388-8899

Adesa San Diego   Bobby Sylvester 619-661-5565

Adesa Los Angeles   Ted Coates 951-361-9400

All Valley Dealer Auto Auction Justin Soghomonian 818-381-8333

Adesa Brashers Auto Auction   Brenda Aden 916-991-5555

AutoNation Auto Auction  Ryan Maulit  310-380-5026 

CarMax Auctions Ashleigh Koopman   804-747-0422

Brasher's Fresno Auto Auction   Cheryl Toler   800-921-4336

Insurance Auto Auctions Inc. Toni Epps  909-355-9400

Manheim California Tom Wemhoff  714-996-2400

Manheim Central California Martin Sandoval 559-268-8051

Manheim Riverside Auto Auction Chris Brown 951-689-6000

Manheim San Diego   Denis Nazarenkov   760-754-3600

Manheim Southern California  Chad Ruffin 909-822-2261

National Auto Auction Association   Frank Hackett   301-696-0400 

North Bay Auto Auction David Aahl 707-864-1040

Norwalk Auto Auction Lou Rudich  (562) 864-7464

WSM Auctions   Austin Pennington  661-829-6924 

Auto Parts/Distributors

AutoZone   Scott Wyman   209-818-9440  

Back End Products________________________________________

Cullop & Associates   Kevin Cullop   916-230-1250

Denco Dealer Insurance Services  Dennis Ninegar  800-794-3008 

Partners Alliance Corporation   Jason Fletcher   858-391-5670

Certification Services_____________________________________

SureSale   Larry Delwiche   916-605-9706

Compliance Solutions_____________________________________

Dealer XT   Dave Patstone  541-646-6674

Privacy 4 Cars   Andrea Amico   617-309-0937

Credit Card Processing____________________________________

Chosen Payments Branden Anderson 805-910-1445 ext 6612

Podium  Thomas Clawson   1-833-276-3486     

Customer Relationship Management_________________________  

Selly Automotive  Zach Klempf  415-562-7104

Dealer Management Software_______________________________

AFS Dealers LLC   Bill Elizondo  941-270-4377 ext 105

Data Consultants  Tom Pardini  559-222-4100

Dealertrack Dealer Management Systems    800-876-2312  ext. 4999

DealWriter   DW Support   800-871-8051

Frazer - Dealer Management Software   888-963-5369

United Dealer Solutions   Rob Pantanella   800-880-4615 

Dealer Bonds____________________________________________

Absolute Surety & Ins Svcs, LLC Blair Ashton 855-689-5106

Ashton Agency, Inc  Jaimie Christina 800-452-2663 

Bond 911   Call For Quote   800-764-7233

Budget Plus Insurance Agency, Inc. Susan Matlock 408-465-2404

Jet Insurance Services  Bob Siino   855-296-2663   

Pacific Surety Insurance Services  Leland Pfingstag  925-932-1866

South Coast Surety   Sharon Cooney   800-361-1720   

Surety One   Constantin Poindexter   800-373-2804   Mike Ramos   866-4BOND-54

Dealer Education_________________________________________

TriStar Motors   800-901-5950   Joseph Weatherman      

Electronic Titling, DMV Transfer Agents______________________

Dealertrack Registration and Titling Services    Chris Triana   860-235-4725  

Vitu (an MVSC Company)   Tom Plunkett   877-761-1817

Samba Safety   Joe Robertson   916-288-6636

Flooring Companies______________________________________

NextGear Capital  Chris Van Dorn  916-826-2188

XL Funding   Claudia Rogers  562-228-8567

Forms, Dealership Products________________________________

BPI Forms  Lorna Shirley    916-334-3030

RouteOne LLC Jonathan Pennywell 248-686-4566

CoreLane Technologies  Evan Lindbeck  714-415-5707

Financing, Lenders, F/I Products _________________________

Credit Acceptance Corp   Chris Ribota   530-520-2680

Lending Mojo   John Filipas   646-791-9720

LOBEL FINANCIAL   714-243-1000

Nationwide  Patrick Sadhu   916-798-4197

Rudolph Inc. Kevin Prokosch   707-584-1100

Southern Hills Acceptance  Mark Glover

United Auto Credit   Dealer Support   866-504-2133

United Dealer Solutions   Rob Pantanella   800-880-4615 

Veros Credit, LLC  Cyrus Bozorgi  714-415-6101

GPS, Tracking & Payment Products, Collections_______________

Advantage GPS   Corinna Tutor   800-553-7031

GPS Leaders LLC  Nick Muratore  855-432-6423

SVR GPS by Protek Marketing LLC  Gary Lonsdale   714-270-6948


3 R Car Insurance   David Radmacher   805-776-3860

Budget Plus Insurance Agency, Inc. Randy Matlock 408-465-2368       

Cartel Insurance Services LLC   Patrick Gibson   818-907-7200 

Dealer Protection Group  Kevin McWilliams 949-208-8565

Pacific Surety Insurance Services  Leland Pfingstag  925-932-1866 

South Coast Surety   Sharon Cooney   1-800-361-1720 

Information Technology Services

Aperio It   Brent Showalter   916-919-8055

Legal Services___________________________________________

Balestreri, Potocki & Holmes   Michael C. Rogers 619-686-1930 

Reep & Mitchell, LLP   Mark Mitchell/Scott Reep 707-748-0900

The Miles Law Firm Lawrence Miles Jr. 916-973-9674

Madison Harbor, ALC  Ali Parvaneh, Esq.  949-756-9050

Mohsen Parsa Inc.   Mohsen Parsa   949-394-6930

Robards & Stearns   Andrew V. Stearns, Esq.   408-214-6432       

Schlichter & Shonack   Jamie Keeton   310-643-1638

The Scali Law Firm  Christian Scali  213-239-5622


BirdEye Inc   David Tulkin   650-313-5225 

Podium   Thomas Clawson  1-833-276-3486  

Service Contract Providers________________________________

AUL Corp.  Matt Brady   800-826-3207 ext. 329  

Car Concierge Services Scott Edwards 619-884-7770 

Dealer RE Reinsurance Experts   Timothy Byrd   804-824-9533

Ferr Sure  (Exotic Car)  Shawn Randolph   707-759-0435

GWC Warranty  Rob Arseneault 1-800-482-7357

Alpha Warranty by Protek Marketing LLC   Gary Lonsdale   714-270-6948

Peak Performance Team   Mike Burgholzer   585-257-5016

PRco, Inc.   Frank Piacente   925-766-5546

United Dealer Solutions   Rob Pantanella   800-880-4615


RunBuggy  Nicole Dickstein    888-872-8449       

Title History Reports  NMVTIS_______________________________

Auto Data Direct, Inc.   Jim Taylor  850-877-8804  David Wu  800-480-4428

Training and Income Development

AFS Dealers LLC   Bill Elizondo   941-270-4377 ext 105   Jeff Brandeis   727-455-0203 

Vehicle Inspection Service________________________________

 Alliance Inspection Management   Eric Widmer  562-308-2389

Website Hosting_________________________________________

Auto Search Technologies     Chris Jackson      949-200-7605