Safety Recalls

Takata Airbag Solution
Courtesy of The National Safety Council

IADAC recently became aware of a pilot program which we hope gains traction for the benefit of independent dealers. It is called Check To Protect (

Tom Musick with the National Safety Council described the program which is currently limited to Southern California but will hopefully grow quickly as user demand increases.

Dealers can arrange to have a mobile repair service (AER) to visit their dealership and repair vehicles with Takata airbag issues in bulk at no cost to the dealer. This would save an enormous amount of time taking those vehicles to the dealer and provide a valuable public service.

NSC also has a batch VIN lookup tool so that dealers can quickly identify vehicles under recall. The NIADA, NAAA along with others have endorsed this program.

Southern California dealers should reach out to Program Manager Tom Musick to become involved in the program. His contact info is and (630) 775-2381 .